Kendall Goto

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Created for Los Altos HS District, aiming to aid students in the practice and memorization of Latin vocabulary.

Designed to help students practice their trigonometry facts for memorization and speed.


Aims to syncronize video players across different computers for "sync-watching."

Why Study Encryption?

School project illustrating basic principles of cryptography and mathematical corrolation.

Better SIS

Designed to help aid students in checking their grades or predicting them on Aeries SIS.


Automated script for playing and completing competitive CS:GO matches.


Designed for Bohemia Interactive's Arma 2, to generate and host Squad XML files.


Designed to help motivate student reading in elementary & middle schools with facilitated reading rewards.

Helios Computers

Sought to retail custom-built PCs at an affordable and competitive rate.

Backdoor Game

Independent game project on the Torque 3D engine.

SRL Mobile

Developed to help facilitate game speedrun races on the SpeedRunsLive platform via a mobile interface.


Developed to help Pokémon players find and catch all of the pokemon in X/Y, and check each one off.

Conics Online

Created for Los Altos HS District, to help Algebra 2H / Trig students collaborate on a shared Desmos document to make graph images.

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