Privacy @

This page is dedicated to providing a semi-comprehensive overview of the use of login information.

What information is taken from Google?

When you log in with Google, we store your email address, and full name within our own database. This information will never be sold or knowingly provided to outside sources. Your password, or other sensitive information is never stored or transmitted to this website in any way. Your email and name are used purely to identify the current user. Any data collection based on your email address is done purely as a personal business interest of this site, and demonstrates no affiliation with the Mountain View–Los Altos Union High School District.

What information is stored during logged sessions?

At this time, detailed data is collected during freeplay practice that records all guesses of answers to questions. This data is used to aggregate accuracy per-word for the user to help them improve based on data. Additionally, the data is anonymously used to help improve by providing evidence for algorithms regarding typos and missing / inaccurate definitions.

Who has access to this information?

This section refers purely to knowingly providing information. Any future security breach, intrusion, etc. can not be predicted and disclosed ahead of time. Your information is provided unanonymously to teacher administrators, for the use of school administration, if you are within the email system. All information previously listed to be stored can be visible in both raw formats and processed formats. All information is also available to you, the raw form being obtainable with an email request.


The privacy notice here is subject to change at any time. Any questions regarding your privacy, security, or this website in general can be sent to [email protected].

Usage of this site is intended to only be within a single individual's best interest, and is not intended to, or legally able to be required to, be a requirement as a part of an education environment.